Specialty/Commodities/Custom Feeds

Custom Feeds

Delmarva Feed strives to provide our customers with specialty feeds that they may not find at other stores. This lineup includes, but is not limited to: gamebirds, chinchillas, guinea pig, alpaca, llamas, deer, ratite, pigeon, rat and mice, and bison. Please feel free to contact us with specific questions or search at http://www.hubbardlife.com/Specialty.aspx for additional information.

We offer a full lineup of commodities here at Delmarva Feed. Some of the more popular ones are corn-cracked, whole, ground, or rolled, oats- rolled, whole, mixed with corn, soybean meal, and rolled toasted soybeans. If you have interest in grinding your own feed, feel free to ask us for a complete list of all of our commodities. As a full line feed mill, we will also have various options for your mineral needs. If you can think of an animal species, we will have the mineral or feed to meet your needs!

Delmarva Feed also has the experience, knowledge, and software to help formulate your very own custom feeds. Our goal is customer satisfaction!